As part of an ongoing commitment to create a more sustainable future for our planet, we teamed together with Nike with the aim of planting and growing 1,000,000 trees.

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We are proud to announce we have reached our first milestone. But just like Nike’s greatest athletes, reaching our goal is only the first step in creating a legacy for future generations to follow.

Nike challenged Nike Run Club Members to run 1,000,000 km together to celebrate our planting of 1,000,000 trees and to inspire us to plant even more — and they totally smashed it! By collectively running the equivalent of 23,700 marathons or 25 laps of the planetNike athletes have shown they really care about the world we live in by coming together for this mission. So thanks to them we now have at least another 68,132 trees to plant and grow.

This is on top of our ongoing commitment to regenerate forests to support local communities in Brazil and Ethiopia.

Planted Power

Brazil pictures & videos © IPÊ

Just as athletes meet their challenges head-on, Nike is fully committed to reducing its carbon footprint. And for the emissions they cannot reduce, they teamed up with us to help them offset the rest.

Trees draw carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere as they grow and can compensate for emissions that are generated delivering Nike products across Europe.

Scientific research revealed that planting trees in a Brazilian forest would help offset these emissions. For example, a single tree living 30 years in the Atlantic Forest can absorb an average of 5.2kg of CO2 per year, so by planting a forest one tree at a time, we help reduce Nike’s emissions and their consumers’ at the same time.

We are also helping local communities learn new forestry and farming techniques to help them make the most of the land they call home.

Uniting the World

Nike and WeForest’s project in Brazil is taking place on a plot of land the size of 375 football pitches to restore a forest that was only 10% of its original size.

Brazil pictures & videos © IPÊ

And in Africa, our partnership is committed to helping restore, protect and support Ethiopia’s Desa’a forest
and the local communities who depend on it.

Ethiopia pictures & videos © WeForest & D. Van Corstanje

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